Type 23 Phenol Case

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Manual Reset Type

Type 23/24 Phenol Case

Type 23&24
Operation Temp 40℃ ? 150℃  No self automatic reset.
Available resetting Temp by button Below 30℃ from operating temp.
Temp Tolerance Standards:±3~10℃ ※Depend on Operation Temp
Max Ambient Temp 150℃
Resistance between Terminals 23PP/PG/EX/EP?24X :Less than 10mΩ(Initial value)
23PN/PC/EN?24N :Less than 30mΩ (Initial value)
Insulation Resistance Not less than 1,000MΩ/DC500V
Dielectric strength Not less than AC1,500V/1min.
Not less than AC1,800V/1sec
Endurance More than 10,000cycles (Standards)


            ※Compliance with RoHS Directives.
            ※This is not splash or water proof type.
            ※Please feel free to ask us in case that operation temp, Diffential, Temp Tolerance is not standard.



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