Quality System

  • Responding to the Customer, Aiming for Quality that Wins Confidence

  • The rotational power of a motor is conveyed to a variety of devices, and because it
    Is used in the customer’s daily life, high performance and steady quality areRequired
    We have won the confidence and satisfaction of the customer, and in order toSustain growth as an enterprise, we are conducting continuous improvement. Every
    Day we are planning for the enhancement/improvement of quality through quality
    Management according to ISO9001which are international Standards.
    Through the pursuit of precision for the components used in motors, endurance
    Testing in rigorous usage environments etc., as an enterprise that can provide
    Secure/safe products, we are building a quality control organization that aims to be
    An enterprise that is trusted and loved by the customer.
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  • Our goal is to improve customer satisfaction by improving the quality of our products. To achieve this gpal. We have received the certificates for ISO9001 which are international standards for quality management systems.
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<YDK Quality Policy> 

    •  YDK provides Safe and Reliable products and services.
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    • <Our attitude and activity to fulfill YDK Quality Policy>

    • ? We place value on our Social Responsibilities.
      We comply with the law, conduct activities with an emphasis on social responsibility as a company, and pursue quality that can contribute to the progress of society
    • ? We place value on Customer Satisfaction.
      We try to think and understand from the customer's point of view; what our customer wants. Even if we are imposed tough conditions, we never give up until we accomplish it.
    • ? We place value on the fundamentals of Creative Design and Manufacturing.
      We always go back to the starting point of Creative Design and Manufacturing, and make serious efforts for Creative Design and Manufacturing without taking halfway measures.
    • ? We place value on Economic Value.
      Instead of high expense, we use wisdom and inventive ideas to find the best solution against problems
    • Production process flow
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